The New Phoenix-CTC Website

Welcome to our new website for Phoenix-CTC which replaces ‘cycling4friends’.

This new website will probably look familiar as it has a similar design to the previous one although it contains more content, especially about our events. Not only are there details of events for 2015 but there is also information on how to apply and prepare for events, going abroad, cycling in France etc. There is also a page about joining the CTC and a Gallery where twenty photos from some of our previous events are arranged in a mosaic layout.

A novel feature is ‘Quick Links’ in the sidebar on the right hand side. Clicking on these links takes you straight to details of each of our events for this year and also ‘how to apply’. I know from the statistics for ‘cycling4friends’ that those particular ‘events’ pages are likely to prove the most popular so having quick access to them seems like a good idea.

Now that we’re a CTC member group our events are open to all CTC members of which there are about 70,000. This website will be promoted through CTC channels and should be found by search engines such as Google. Therefore, there could be a lot of interest in our events, all of which are cycle tours of various types.

It may be a good idea to apply sooner rather than later for any events you’d like to enter as places will be limited; some events may fill up before the closing date of 15 January. Places will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served basis’.

I hope you like the new website and find it useful. I’ve tried to design it to be concise and easy to navigate. If you have problems then please let me know.

In fact, I’d very much welcome your comments about the new website and there is a facility to do this, see below.

Happy browsing,


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