Future of Newhaven-Dieppe Ferry

Since my previous post on the future on the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry crossing the public meeting in Dieppe has been held with an encouraging outcome. A new four year contract to operate this ferry route will begin in August and the route will continue to be subsidised.

This ferry route is a vital link in the London to Paris cycle route, the Avenue Verte and, of course, we have used this crossing for many trips to Dieppe and Paris.

There will be more details in the Summer issue of Phoenix Cyclist which will be emailed to members on 1 June.

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Future of Newhaven-Dieppe Ferry in Doubt

We thought the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry crossing had been saved (see Newhaven-Dieppe Ferry Saved) but it’s now under threat of closure again, according to the Sussex Express. There will be a public meeting in Dieppe on Monday, 23 May at which members of the Transmanche User Group have invited the President of the Seine Maritime département to discuss spending cuts.

This ferry crossing is subsidised by the Seine Maritime département of the order of 20 million euros per annum; there is no subsidy from the UK.

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Phoenix-CTC Paris Trip in 2016

One of the four cycle events that Phoenix-CTC is planning for 2016 is a cycling trip to Paris and back in June. The Newhaven – Dieppe ferry crossing will be used now that it has been saved.

Following an overnight stop in Dieppe, the first day of cycling will be to Beauvais and will mostly follow the signposted Avenue Verte route. The second day will be to Paris and will finish at the Eiffel Tower. Both days will be about 70 miles.

The route for the first day has now been plotted so if you’d like to take a look then please CLICK HERE. You’ll see that you can view the route using Streetview by clicking on the little orange pegman and positioning him on the route.

More details of this cycling trip to Paris can be found at: Cycling Trip to Paris.

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Phoenix-CTC Events use Saved Ferry Crossing

The saving of the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry crossing means that Phoenix-CTC can continue with cycling trips to Paris as well as channel hoppers to Dieppe. In 2016 Phoenix-CTC will be going to Paris in June and Dieppe in July.

Our cycling trips to Paris are always partly based on the Avenue Verte, the cycle route between the British and French capital cities of which the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry crossing is a vital link.

As Phoenix-CTC is a member group of the CTC our events are open to all CTC members but only CTC members.

You can find details on these events on the Phoenix-CTC website under ‘Events for 2016’.

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Newhaven – Dieppe Ferry Saved

Newhaven FerryGood news! It’s been announced this week that the Newhaven – Dieppe crossing will continue after the end of this year. There had been a strong possibility of this crossing ceasing at the end of 2015 as was explained in the Spring issue of Phoenix Cyclist this year.

It’s a crossing that the club has used many times for channel hoppers and rides to Paris and, of course, provides a vital link in the Avenue Verte between London and Paris.

The Syndicat Mixte de Promotion de l’Activité Transmanche (SMPAT) will run the service from 1 January 2016. (The SMPAT is comprised of the Departement de Seine-Maritime, the city authorities in Dieppe and Dieppe Chamber of Commerce). It says that it will continue to subsidise the route, but in the long-term is seeking to reduce the cost to the French taxpayer by attracting more investment from external partners.

The two vessels serving the route will be rebranded, but DFDS will continue to handle bookings and marketing until the end of March 2016, to ensure a smooth transition.

There will be more information in the Autumn issue of Phoenix Cyclist due out in September.

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