Going Abroad

For any of our cycling trips which are wholly or partly outside the UK you will need a passport,  travel insurance and EHIC card.


Your passport must be valid for the duration of the trip. Please ensure that the inside back cover of your passport, entitled ‘Emergencies’ is completed with the particulars of two relatives or friends who may be contacted in the event of an accident.

Travel Insurance

You should have adequate personal travel insurance which covers you for medical attention. You should also be covered for loss of luggage.

As a Cycling UK member you will automatically have third party insurance which covers you for  claims made by others for any accidental damage caused by you or your cycle. This cover only applies while you are a fully paid-up member of Cycling UK.

Please note that you’re unlikely to be able to claim from your travel insurance if you withdraw from a cycling trip as we’re not using a travel operator/agent. We’re just a group of friends sharing the cost of a cycling trip which we’re organising ourselves. That said, we would always try to minimise any financial loss to you.


You may also wish to take an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). You can apply for or renew an EHIC online, by phone or at the Post Office. The EHIC is free so if you apply online use the Dept of Health official website at:


Cycle Insurance

Please ensure you are covered for loss or damage to your bicycle. If it is not already insured then you should arrange separate cover for this. (House contents insurance can usually be extended to include this cover).

Cycling UK Insurance

Cycling UK offers a range of insurance, see Cycling UK Insurance