Phoenix-CTC Spring Newsletter

Phoenix Cyclist 31 Front PageThe Spring issue of Phoenix Cyclist has been emailed to all Phoenix-CTC members today.

It includes the first part of a Guide to Organising a Cycling Event, Newsletters of Yesteryear and the Roots of Phoenix Cycling. As usual, the latest Club News and A Note from the Chair is included.

If any member has not received this issue then please let me know and I’ll resend after checking the email address.

Happy reading,


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2 Responses to Phoenix-CTC Spring Newsletter

  1. Tom Jones says:

    Thanks for preparing and issuiung the Spring newsletter which contains a lot of interesting good information. Sandra and I appreciate the mentions and remember fondly the Le Jog event and how our ‘off route’ section would never have happened with today’s RWGPS routing!! Now I think about it, Le Jog was the first of a series of long cycling tours for me. Happily, Le Jog was fantastically organised and gave me confidence in moving on to other major cycling journeys.
    The RWGPS tips are very valid from my quite extensive use of the system and travelling through Europe is very successful using the freely available OSM maps. I believe it makes sense to route plan on OSM if using OSM base plans as there should then be no anomolies (or fewer anyway!). Other Garmin users have recommnded OSM as the preferred mapping platform which has helped me make this decision.
    Putting into words a guide to planning a trip is not an easy task when it comes as second nature but part 1 is very helpful and clear. I’ve got away with Michelin and other 1:200,000 maps across Europe as an overview/back up if technology fails.
    Anyway, just a few thoughts about what I read in the Newsletter

    • Many thanks for your thoughts, Tom. I’m pleased that you found the newsletter interesting. I know that you’ve done some epic rides since LE-JOG so if ever you do any write-ups of them, I’d be happy to include any in the newsletter. I hope Part 2 of the Guide also proves interesting; I haven’t written it yet but it should be shorter than Part 1!

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