Phoenix-CTC Paris Trip in 2016

One of the four cycle events that Phoenix-CTC is planning for 2016 is a cycling trip to Paris and back in June. The Newhaven – Dieppe ferry crossing will be used now that it has been saved.

Following an overnight stop in Dieppe, the first day of cycling will be to Beauvais and will mostly follow the signposted Avenue Verte route. The second day will be to Paris and will finish at the Eiffel Tower. Both days will be about 70 miles.

The route for the first day has now been plotted so if you’d like to take a look then please CLICK HERE. You’ll see that you can view the route using Streetview by clicking on the little orange pegman and positioning him on the route.

More details of this cycling trip to Paris can be found at: Cycling Trip to Paris.

Happy cycling,


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2 Responses to Phoenix-CTC Paris Trip in 2016

  1. Tom Jones says:

    RWGPS route planning is going well fromwhat I can see from your link. The visual profile of the climbing aspect of the journeys is so helpful isn’t it!

    Much simpler than using Google Maps for planning cycling journeys although it won’t give you public transport links etc

    • phoenixadmin says:

      Glad you like RWGPS, Tom. It’s certainly easier to plot routes and save them compared to the latest version of Google Maps.

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