Phoenix-CTC Channel Hoppers in 2016

Two of the cycling events which Phoenix-CTC is planning for 2016 are channel hoppers to Cherbourg and Dieppe.

Channel hoppers are unlike our other cycling events as we stay in just one hotel in a channel port for three or four nights. This gives several days of cycling through the surrounding countryside.

The advantage of this type of event is that there is flexibility in what to do and where to go. Daily distances can vary depending on what people want to do. Sometimes, we split into two or three groups, each group cycling a different distance. Therefore, channel hoppers are ideal for new members who feel 100 kms is too long to cycle in a day and would prefer to do a shorter distance.

There are no predefined routes to follow as there are with our other types of event. However, at least one route is suggested for each day.

Each of the channel hoppers in 2016 will involve three nights stay at a hotel. You can find more details by clicking on the following links.

Channel Hopper (Cherbourg)

Channel Hopper (Dieppe).

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