Newhaven – Dieppe Ferry Saved

Newhaven FerryGood news! It’s been announced this week that the Newhaven – Dieppe crossing will continue after the end of this year. There had been a strong possibility of this crossing ceasing at the end of 2015 as was explained in the Spring issue of Phoenix Cyclist this year.

It’s a crossing that the club has used many times for channel hoppers and rides to Paris and, of course, provides a vital link in the Avenue Verte between London and Paris.

The Syndicat Mixte de Promotion de l’Activité Transmanche (SMPAT) will run the service from 1 January 2016. (The SMPAT is comprised of the Departement de Seine-Maritime, the city authorities in Dieppe and Dieppe Chamber of Commerce). It says that it will continue to subsidise the route, but in the long-term is seeking to reduce the cost to the French taxpayer by attracting more investment from external partners.

The two vessels serving the route will be rebranded, but DFDS will continue to handle bookings and marketing until the end of March 2016, to ensure a smooth transition.

There will be more information in the Autumn issue of Phoenix Cyclist due out in September.

Happy sailing,


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2 Responses to Newhaven – Dieppe Ferry Saved

  1. Tom Jones says:

    Perhaps there will be a chance for Sandra and me to experience the crossing after all!

  2. John Gamblin says:

    Great news Clive. Thank you for the update.

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