Future of Newhaven-Dieppe Ferry in Doubt

We thought the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry crossing had been saved (see Newhaven-Dieppe Ferry Saved) but it’s now under threat of closure again, according to the Sussex Express. There will be a public meeting in Dieppe on Monday, 23 May at which members of the Transmanche User Group have invited the President of the Seine Maritime département to discuss spending cuts.

This ferry crossing is subsidised by the Seine Maritime département of the order of 20 million euros per annum; there is no subsidy from the UK.

Watch this space!


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  1. John Gamblin says:

    A great shame Clive, and difficult times for people working directly and indirectly at the port. On the positive side we may be able to squeeze in on ‘last’ Channel Hopper to Dieppe next year!

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