Cessation of The News Page (Blog)

‘Followers’ of our website will be aware that, over the past couple of years, there has been a decreasing number of posts issued on our blog. Instead, news has tended to be disseminated to members of Phoenix-CTC by email and through newsletters. This practice will continue but the blog will be ceased within the next few days. This means that, after this post, there won’t be any further posts issued.

Most of the followers of our website are already members of Phoenix-CTC but, if you’re a non-member, then you may like to continue visiting our website occasionally as announcements such as the date of an AGM will continue to be made using the sidebar on the RHS of the Welcome page. Also, we have a page on the Cycling UK website.

During 2019, our website will be given a new look and will become more mobile friendly.

Happy cycling,


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