We may be a fairly new member group of Cycling UK but our roots go back nearly 30 years.

A photo from the archives! An NSPCC Twin City Bikeathon: Cardiff to Nantes in 1992. Cyclists at Nantes Hotel de Ville

Prior to becoming a Cycling UK member group in mid-2014 we were called the Phoenix Cycling Club. It was a social cycling club as distinct from a sports cycling club which meant that it comprised friends who occasionally met up to cycle and socialise, sharing the cost of any club activity in which we took part. 

It was set up in early 2009 by a group of cyclists who had met by participating in NSPCC (Wales) Bikeathons between 1992 and 2005, some of whom had been instrumental in organising those events. There were 12 Bikeathons, mostly week-long events in France which raised  over £100,000 for the NSPCC. A thirteenth, ‘London to Paris’, was being planned in 2008 but unfortunately didn’t come to fruition as an NSPCC event.

Cyclists at the end of the NSPCC Bikeathon in 2005, the last such event..

Such was the desire by some ex-Bikeathon cyclists to ride from London to Paris and also from Lands End to John O’Groats (LE-JOG) that we decided to create a cycling club. So, like the firebird rising from the ashes, the Phoenix Cycling Club was born. ‘London to Paris’ was cycled in 2009 and LE-JOG in 2011.

Twenty eight trips have been run by this club, as at the end of 2019, mostly long distance cycling trips and channel hoppers. They are listed at Previous Cycling Trips. No trips are being run in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.