Types of Trip

Start of LE-JOG in 2011

We run four types of cycling trip.

Long Distance Cycling Trips are usually about one week in duration with average daily cycling distances of approximately 100 kms (about 62 miles). Exceptionally, the duration of cycling trips can vary, eg Land’s End to John O’Groats (LE-JOG) took 15 days to cycle in 2011; the distance was just over 1000 miles. Typically, the distance of our week-long cycle trips is about 400 miles.

Most of our cycling trips start and finish at the same place, usually a channel port, i.e. they are round trips. An example is the Souther Brittany Trip in 2018 which started and finished at the ferry port of St Malo. Occasionally, we cycle from one place to another. Examples are LE-JOG and London to Paris although in the latter case we cycle back to Dieppe for a return ferry crossing to Newhaven.

Channel Hoppers involve 3 or 4 nights stay in or near a channel port in Northern France. This gives several days of cycling through the surrounding countryside. An example is in 2019 when we sailed from Newhaven to Dieppe where we stayed for three nights. This gave us three full days of cycling in the Seine-Maritime department.

Daily distances on channel hoppers can vary depending on what people want to do. We occasionally split into two groups, each group doing a different distance.

Tours de la Manche are a combination of a channel hopper and long distance cycling trip. They involve two hops across the English Channel and cycle rides along the coasts of Northern France and Southern England. For example, in 2012, we started in Newhaven, caught the ferry to Dieppe, spent two days cycling to Calais where we caught the ferry to Dover and then took two days to cycle back to Newhaven.

Weekenders involve 2 nights stay at a location in Great Britain. This gives two days to cycle through the surrounding countryside and visit places of interest. An example was in 2015 when we stayed for two nights (Friday and Saturday) in Shanklin which gave us two days of cycling in the Isle of Wight. Like channel hoppers, daily distances vary depending on what people want to do.