About our Trips

Cyclists at the Causeway Lake, IOW

There are four types of cycling trip:

      • Long Distance Cycling Trips
      • Channel Hoppers
      • Tours de la Manche
      • Weekenders.

They are non-competitive and sociable with daily cycling distances of approximately 100 kms (about 62 miles) and overnight stops in 2 or 3 star hotels. Distances on channel hoppers and weekenders vary, the maximum being 100 kms/day.

We cycle at a touring pace, ie an average of 12 mph whilst cycling and have regular café stops during the day for some rest, chat and nourishment; we call this café wheeling.

Our cycling trips are normally held in France, Great Britain and other nearby countries.

Long distance cycling trips and Tours de la Manche are usually supported in that a club member takes a car or van on the trip primarily to transport luggage to hotels and to help out when a need arises. Channel hoppers and weekenders are not supported

Our cycling trips are self-financing. Either the total cost of a cycling trip is shared by it’s participants or they make their own arrangements.

The cycling trips are decided at the AGM the previous October and are organised by members of the committee. The person who plans the routes becomes the ride leader on the road.

All routes are plotted on RideWithGPS . This allows participants to view the route using Streetview prior to going on the trip and to download routes onto their Garmin GPS bike computers and mobile phones.

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