John O’Groats to Land’s End (JOG-LE)


Date     Saturday, 16th May to Sunday, 31st May 2020

Summary     This is a major cycling challenge that will involve cycling about 1000 miles in 15 days without a rest day. It will be supported. The route is based on the succesful LE-JOG ride undertaken by this club in 2011, albeit in reverse. The basic itinerary is as follows:

Day 1   Thurso to JOG                                    21 mls

Day 2    JOG to Bettyhill                               58 mls

Day 3   Bettyhill to Tain                                 71 mls

Day 4   Tain to Carrbridge                             67 mls

Day 5   Carrbridge to Pitlochry                     64 mls

Day 6   Pitlochry to Queensferry                  63 mls

Day 7   Queensferry to Moffat                       65 mls

Day 8   Moffat to Penrith                               68 mls

Day 9   Penrith to Preston                              81 mls

Day 10 Preston to Chester                              65 mls

Day 11  Chester to Ludlow                              74 mls

Day 12  Ludlow to Gloucester                        54 mls

Day 13  Gloucester to Bridgewater               84 mls

Day 14  Bridgewater to Oakhampton           70 mls

Day 15  Oakhampton to Quintrell Downs   65 mls

Day 16 Quintrell Downs to Land’s End       53 mls

and then to Penzance                                      12 mls

Closing Date     JOG-LE has proved very popular with members and was full well before it’s closing date.